Surveillance Cameras & CCTV

The use of surveillance cameras and CCTV systems can help businesses to improve security, reduce the risk of criminal activity, and protect employees and assets.

Enhance the Safety of Others

We provide reliable and effective surveillance camera systems, such as those made by Eclipse Security.  As a manufacturer of CCTV surveillance cameras, Eclipse offers a diverse selection of state-of-the-art business and residential security products.

Their products have been guarding the property and enhancing the safety of clients, employees, guests, and family members for more than 15 years. Their R & D and Quality Control cycles continually improve  surveillance and access control products, making them easy to use for professionals and consumers. Quality products paired with CTN expert installation are sure to make your business or office safe and secure.

Monitor Daily Activities

Surveillance camera systems aren’t only effective to prevent burglaries and crime. They are also very useful in allowing you to monitor daily activities and help you keep track of people coming in and walking out of the office. In some cases, footage from a surveillance camera has been invaluable when used as evidence in lawsuits from people getting hurt on your company’s property.

Installing surveillance cameras and surveillance camera systems is only one of the services CTN provides its customers. Do you have an existing system that is not performing up to your expectations? We may be able to repair or fix your existing system, even if it isn’t a system we installed.

Close up image of a white color camera with no background
Close up image of a white color camera with no background
A white color round shape camera with lights
Surveillance Cameras And CCTV Machine