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Converged Telephony Networks has been committed to providing top-notch service to our customers since 2010.

It’s our goal to enhance the efficiency of your business communications. Our products and services, including both digital and VOIP phone systems, wireless networks, and video surveillance, can do just that! Converged Telephony Networks takes great pride in providing enterprise-level services to Small and Medium Businesses throughout the United States.

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Wi-Fi voice networks allow businesses to build wireless offices that offer unprecedented mobility while streamlining installation, management, and ongoing maintenance.

They also provide no hard-wired connection and allow for office mobility, such as SIP voice and video calls from anywhere Wi-Fi is available. Streamline installation and management can eliminate the cumbersome process of running wires to and installing switches in every corner of an office.

Electronic, co-friendly and wireless offices are also becoming important to corporate social responsibility programs. Wi-Fi voice is a significant factor in allowing the world to realize the power of wireless offices, as it is the future of the office.

There are a variety of new features and protocols that allow WiFi networks to prioritize SIP voice and video traffic so it is not slowed down by other traffic, and to facilitate seamless roaming from WiFi AP (access point) to AP. For a full breakdown of these features, check out one of our recent blog posts. 

Let me offer some background as to why this question comes up. Historically there have been two main difficulties with WiFi voice: no way to prioritize voice traffic and no way to ensure seamless roaming to prevent momentary connection drops. However, thanks to new protocols and WiFi features, both issues are no longer a concern. By utilizing the features mentioned in the blog we linked to in the previous paragraph, you can both prioritize voice or video traffic and ensure seamless roaming.

It is really quite simple. Add WiFi APs to the same network as your on-premise, cloud or hosted PBX, and then connect WiFi-capable IP phones, video conferencing devices and other endpoints to the WiFi network offered by those APs. If you are looking to build a WiFi voice and video solution, we can help.

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Converged Cloud Services

Converged Cloud Services offers versatility and affordability, allowing businesses to use their desk phones from anywhere with an internet connection. IP-PBX can be upgraded to Converged Cloud Services for reliability and robust features, while Unified Communications Service (UCaaS) can scale with business needs.


Wireless Networks

Moving to the latest VOIP phone systems service means you must have the best network to support your employees and clients we offer leading industry products from both Grand Stream and Ubiquity while utilizing our years of expertise to build a robust network for your organization. Upgrading your network gear will provide a reliable and cost-efficient network for your business.

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