About Us

Our Company

At Converged Telephony Networks, we take great pride in our technical competencies and expedient problem resolution. Our highly skilled and dedicated professionals enable us to produce premium products and services. With many certified technicians dedicated to specific manufacturer product lines, Converged Telephony Networks delivers the best support available in the industry.

Rather than using separate networks for each service, converged networks allow all forms of communication to be delivered over a single network. With a converged network, employees can access all communication services from a single device, improving productivity and efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers the greatest value and highest technology, for all their Telecommunication needs.

We find ways to stand out from the competition through cost savings, scalability, productivity, and enhanced collaboration!

We take pride in excellent service, integrity, and community involvement. We recognize that our employees are vital to this organization and the achievement of this mission. We are committed to maintaining the progressive growth and success of this organization.

So many black color telephones with a green color screen

20 years of combined experience

With over 20 years of combined professional experience, Converged Telephony Networks.

Complete Service

Our technical support team of highly skilled professionals is certified and has an abundance of resources to provide you with both pre-sale and post-sale support needs.