COVID-19 Security Products

Body Temperature & Face Recognition Camera

Next-Generation Touch-Free Products. Protect your business and employees with the necessary COVID-19 Security Products. Learn more about body temperature and face recognition cameras and how they can benefit your business.

This camera is specially designed and developed for face recognition and temperature measurement applications, featuring non-contact temperature measurement, high performance and reliability, fast recognition, and high accuracy rate. Based on our deep-learning algorithms, it combines temperature measurement, identity authorization, and access control.

It can be widely used in the entrances and exits of communities, schools, hospitals, scenic areas, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public services, and construction sites for body temperature measurement, identity authorization, and access control.


With our full line of COVID-19 security and safety products, keep your personnel and customers protected.

  • 8 inch LCD screen
  • High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement
  • Non-contact body temperature measurement
  • Human-sounding voice prompt
  • Real-time face mask detection
  • Face liveness detection technology distinguishing real faces from non-real face spoof attacks
  • Highly accurate face recognition using a deep learning algorithm
  • A stand-alone device, ready for networking
A man face on an electronic device with his details

With the required COVID-19 security products, you can safeguard your company and its personnel.

Top view of a desktop mount with no background
A black color face temp panel with no background
Picture of so many working objects with their name
• 1* Video Face/Temp Camera
• 4* Tapping Screws
• 1* Drill Template
• 1* Quick Start Guide
• 4 Plastic Plugs
• 1 Bracket
• 1 Screw Tool
• 1 CD
•1 Desktop Mount